Relaxed Wanderer - 2 oz.

Relaxed Wanderer - 2 oz.
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K’an Herbs’ Relaxed Wanderer is designed for people whose health issues relate to the Wood element in Chinese medicine. Relaxed Wanderer improves the natural capacities of Wood to help you be a good leader and decision maker. It is the Chinese herbal response to overly rigid energy. It reduces irritability, stubbornness and lack of consideration for self and others in anyone with a Wood imbalance.

The basic quality or “style of government” of the Wood element is relaxed; Relaxed Wanderer helps to foster an ambiance of gentle, smooth and soothing activity. When the Qi and blood aren’t flowing smoothly, or when one is missing the whole picture and gets stuck on minor details, this is the appropriate herbal formula to correct the imbalance.

Physically, Relaxed Wanderer soothes an overly rigid liver and nourishes a weakened stomach and spleen. When the Chinese first used this combination it was indicated for people with headaches, dizziness, flank pain and tiredness, which are signs that the Wood element is moving in the wrong direction or is overly stiff.

The remedy was quickly adopted in China for gynecological problems such as irregular and painful menses and breast distention, and is still an indispensable formula for regulating the flow of women’s blood. Because of the combination of ingredients, it can be used for digestive problems, which are due to the stagnation of liver and gall bladder energy. This can include such symptoms as loose stools, gas distention, bloating, and chronic stomachache.

Psychologically, it can be used to decrease feelings of separation from the environment, as well as to enhance one’s ability to see clear pathways through situations. Besides being an important remedy for edginess, agitation, and anxiety, Relaxed Wanderer is also a crucial remedy for anger, belligerence, and negativity.

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