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Pro Omega
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Omega 3 Fish oil is clinically shown to support a healthy heart. It raises HDL (your good cholesterol), and also slightly lowers LDL (your bad cholesterol).

Omega 3 fish oil also has many other healing effects. It is anti-inflammatory and helps lubricate joints, so it is good for many inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis. It also helps optimize immune function and supports a healthy brain and eyes. With so many health benefits, omega 3 fish oil is an excellent daily supplement for almost everyone!

ProOmega is our premier Omega 3 fish oil. With 1,280mg of total Omega 3’s, ProOmega offers a high concentration of both EPA and DHA. What distinguishes ProOmega from other fish oils is not only its potency, but also its purity. It is both pharmaceutical grade and molecularly distilled—no PCB’s, heavy metals, or pesticides.

Every batch is third-party tested for purity and rosemary extract is added for freshness. ProOmega has a great tasting lemon flavor. And because it is molecularly distilled, it does not have any fishy after-taste.

For the price of $50 for 120 softgels (a 2-month supply), ProOmega is a great value at $25 per month. 

Suggested Use

2 softgels daily with food
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Price $50.00