ThyroCare - Thyroid Support*

ThyroCare - Thyroid Support*
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Dosage and Results

The recommended dosage is at least one capsule three times a day, but doubling or tripling that dose can be helpful in some cases where the starting dose doesn't seem to be enough (no noticeable difference within 2 weeks). For detailed dosage recommendations based on condition see tables below.

Some WTSmed Supplements are fast-acting (like AsthmaCare), some are slow-building (like ThyroCare), and others are both (like CardiaCare). Though some people will notice an improvement in the way they feel within 4 or 5 days, much of the restorative benefit from ThyroCare can take from 1.5 to 3 months, and maybe longer. Thyroid problems don't develop overnight, and they usually don't go away overnight either. ThyroCare is a long-term solution.*

Success Stories

"I was so tired all the time that I often took metabolizer boosters just to have enough energy to get through the day. Then I started taking Healthy Foundation and ThyroCare. After about 4 days, I realized I had forgotten to take the metabolizer boosters, because I had more energy, and I felt better. As a side benefit, I also noticed my joints didn't hurt nearly as much, so I was able to greatly decrease the amount of ibuprofen I was taking, and some days I didn't need any. After a month of taking Healthy Foundation and ThyroCare, my energy level is still much improved, and I feel better physically and emotionally."

-- Jean W., UT*

"I have been having some of the health concerns described on your website for years. My regular doctors have not known what to do for me. After I was directed to your website and ordered the ThyroCare and Adaptogen, my health situation began to turn around completely for the better. In addition to the ThyroCare and Adaptogen I ordered your book. This is really a great help in understanding all about Wilson's Syndrome. Thank you for all of your research and information about this misunderstood health problem. Both of your products ThyroCare and Adaptogen have really been helping me and my Mother as well. I have a lot more energy. Other problems such as lack of coordination and inability to focus, dizziness, etc. have all gone."

--C. Marsh

Evening Shade, AR

(a recent web site visitor)*

"I developed chronic muscle pain (fibro) 12 years ago, have always had a body temperature of 97 degrees, and have had a lack of energy for many years. But every Dr. I've seen has tested and found my thyroid to be working "fine". I have tried many different herbal products, but ThyroCare is the first one with which I actually felt a difference within one week. I found I no longer need to go to bed by 8PM to be able to get up at 5 AM - Getting up in the morning is SO much easier! I only wish I had reordered sooner because I'm out of it!"

--Marlo V.

Elgin, IL

(a recent web site visitor)*

"The ThyroCare is helping to keep my temp up which I have had trouble doing with just the T3. I have lost 20 lbs since I started the T3 and ThyroCare. I call [ThyroCare] "Thyroid Helper". Thanks for all your help. Keep up the newsletters."

--Kathleen Marder

(a recent web site visitor)*

Side Effects

There are no contraindications to ThyroCare. One of the ingredients, Guggl, can lead to skin irritation in rare cases (with thousands of bottles sold, a few patients have reported a skin rash while taking ThyroCare). Also, a few patients have reported passing a little more gas. In the case of gas, going on the ThryoCare more gradually by taking a smaller dose for a number of days before increasing the dose can often eliminate the problem.*

Uses of ThyroCare

The most common use of ThyroCare is for fatigue. It's very often helpful for patients who complain of just feeling tired all the time, regardless of their body temperature. Patients with severe fatigue probably have low temperatures and may need WT3 protocol.*

ThyroCare and Thyroid System Problems

To understand how ThyroCare can help, it's important to know something about thyroid problems.

Briefly, we'll point out the relationship between Wilson's Temperature Syndrome, Hypo-functioning thyroid gland and Autoimmune Thyroid inflammation.

In Wilson's Temperature Syndrome, thyroid blood tests are normal but the body temperature is still low which suggests problem(s) downstream from the thyroid gland.

A Hypo-functioning thyroid is usually due to inadequate functioning of the gland. A Hypo-functioning thyroid gland does show up on thyroid hormone blood tests.

Auto-immune diseases of the thyroid gland involve the immune system. Just as the body mounts an immune response in order to fight a cold, sometimes it mounts an immune response against its own thyroid gland. In Autoimmune Thyroid inflammation, blood tests show anti-thyroid antibodies. This is accompanied by Hypo-functioning of the thyroid gland and often WTS as well.

ThyroCare can often be helpful with mild WTS, and appears to be especially useful when there's a problem with the thyroid gland itself as evidenced by abnormal thyroid tests (i.e. in Hypo-functioning thyroid) and /or thyroid antibodies elevated (autoimmune thyroid inflammation).

We recommend ThyroCare any time patients have a hypo-functioning thyroid gland, any time patients have thyroid antibodies elevated, and any time patients have thyroid nodules or abnormal thyroid cells (as a supportive measure). ThyroCare appears to provide nutritional support and stimulation to the thyroid system and can be thought of as food for the thyroid gland.*

Thyroid System Uses of ThyroCare

Below are a variety of examples of how ThyroCare is used in various circumstances.

By Itself In the Management of Wilson's Temperature Syndrome

In mild WTS, WT3 protocol may not be needed. Some patients may be able to feel better with ThyroCare, Healthy Foundation, or both.*

Nodules and Goiters

Thyrocare 1 capsule three times a day (if not better in 3 months, discontinue). *

General Description

ThyroCare is designed to provide adjunctive support for the patient with a hypo-functioning thyroid gland, and may be of assistance no matter what the cause of the condition.*

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